Sunday, July 24, 2011

People Aren't Stupid

At least those who read the Washington Post aren't. Here's an online poll and the results as of 11am EDT.

House Speaker John Boehner walked out on debt ceiling negotiations stating President Obama moved the goal posts with pursuing an extra $400 billion in revenue increases. But he mentioned nothing about wanting a trigger to eliminate the individual mandate on purchasing health insurance enacted in the Affordable Care Act that took 18 months to debate and pass. And what was that trigger, you may ask? Not agreeing to the final elements of debt reduction. Yes, seriously.

This arrangement would have given Republicans every incentive not to reach a final deal: Oh, no, if we don’t agree, then we’ll get to torpedo health-care reform. Yippee! It was far more laughable than Obama’s lunge for an extra $400 billion — especially since, according to White House officials, the president had made clear he had other potential cuts up his sleeve if the extra tax revenue wouldn’t fly. He was waiting to deal.
Sounds like a sweet deal, doesn't it?

Compromise is getting harder and harder to come by. There's got to be give and take - and sometimes you're going to be on the short end of the take. But to think that outrageous demands like gutting the one thing that solidifies the legislation that took a year and a half to complete is a reasonable request, is just outright insanity. And judging by the above poll, the American people can see it and know the deal.

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vera lynn said...

I heard Boehner's 'he moved the goalposts' and as I was listening to him, reading an online account of the mandate 'option'....was waiting to hear him say anything about that....nothing but evil, nasty crickets....