Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where I Stand


I think it's funny that I am often perceived as too partisan. YET, I am a full-throated supporter of Obama, who many of my fellow Democrats, criticize for compromising too much.

I am a far-left liberal in my beliefs. BUT I am extremely moderate when it comes to logistics and reality. I have strongly-held ideologies but I know that progress comes in baby steps.

My major beef is that we have a GOP who is NOT acting right. More and more Republicans are calling themselves Independents for a reason. All I have tried to do is get Republicans to take their PARTY, not their country, back.

I want a real debate on issues. I want integrity and honesty and sincere ideas. And there is no doubt that only ONE party is preventing that. It does not make ME partisan to say that one party is failing at doing their job of governing. It's not partisan of ME to call on Republican voters to wake up.

What's partisan is the GOP being run by a small faction when average Americans KNOW they are taking things too far.

So, because I am loud and obnoxious, I appear partisan. But I have consistently called for the wise and sane Republicans to speak up so we could have TWO functioning parties.

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