Thursday, August 11, 2011

Perry's Texas by the Numbers


As a Texas resident and mother of a Texas native, I am consistently calling for fellow Democrats to put aside the "Go ahead and kick Texas out" crap. Seriously. We are more purple than people think. And now that our governor is running for POTUS, we need your support and you need our resources and knowledge.

Can you imagine if Texas voted for Obama instead of our own governor? It IS possible IF all of America works with Texans to make sure the state goes blue. So, now that Governor Goodhair is officially inferring that he is officially running, I will start regular posts about him. After all, I have a special knowledge of the man and the state.

So join me in informing voters about his true record. Join me in educating voters on what he really has done to the state. Let's make sure he doesn't move from his $9,000/month rental mansion into the White House. Okay, y'all?

And with that, I give you this report issued in February of 2011 by members of the state legislature. I can say, without hesitation, that one of the members, State Representative Lon Burnam is a fantastic liberal and deserves as much support as he can get. He is a consistent voice for Democratic values in this state.

So here y'all go. Texas by the numbers. It ain't pretty. Make sure your friends and family know it.

Texas On The Brink

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