Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WTF Wisconsin?!

Democrats gained two state Senate seats in Wisconsin last night, falling short of the three wins needed to gain control of the state's upper chamber.
...Voter turnout was high for the recalls, although not as high as election officials and news reports initially predicted. Overall, about 43% of eligible voters came out for the recalls, compared to about 50% turnout in last year's gubernatorial election.
That second paragraph is really a killer. 43% voter turnout is considered high? Just shows another American attribute made clear: we take voting for granted and are just too damn lazy to go out and make our voices heard. You had a chance Wisconsin Democrats, but 43% just doesn't cut it. Guess your citizens aren't as union friendly as you thought.

You'd better turn out in droves next week for the recall elections against Democrats to keep what you won last night, or else all this was for naught.

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