Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flip Romney

Mitt Romney is confused. The old adage, "All politics is local" is being jumbled in Romney's mind as "All video is local." He thinks he can say one thing in one state and then just 24 hours later say something completely different.
Remember when former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney went to a call center of conservative faithful in Ohio, as volunteers were dialing on behalf of the efforts to save SB 5, the state’s new union-busting bill? And then when asked by reporters, said he wasn’t going to take a position on the issue?
Well, that was yesterday.
Today it appears Romney does have a position: he supports Gov. John Kasich’s efforts to curtail public employee unions in the name of tightening Ohio’s budget. Romney said as much at an event in Virginia...
And apparently the confusion was ours. He wasn't going to take a position on other ballot questions, even though he spent his time at the pro-SB5 call center. Reporters couldn't possibly have been asking him about SB5, could they? As soon as Mitt hightailed it out of Ohio - where polls show a majority of Ohioans plan on voting to repeal the union busting bill - he decided to back Gov. Kasich while his feet were firmly planted in Virginia.
Just say, "Oops!" and get out.

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