Monday, November 21, 2011

Gentlemen, Your Fans AREN'T Gentlemen

I *was* a NASCAR fan until today. I was never the typical fan: I am a liberal, atheist, anti-hunter but I actually enjoyed the sport. But after today, I am done with it. Mrs. Obama was at the final NASCAR Sprint Cup race of the season to support the troops and their families yet she was BOOED even though NASCAR fans pride themselves on being supportive of the troops. The dumb ass fans should have put their hate aside and taken just one moment to agree with the First Lady on something. But they couldn't. Their drunken ignorance was an insult to her efforts to help military veterans and spouses find jobs, homes, health care, etc. They didn't even take a MOMENT to consider that MAYBE she is doing something they would agree with.

And yet I am called partisan by conservatives even though I NEVER booed Laura Bush. And SHE killed someone.

But let me say this, ANYONE on the left who thinks her being there was a mistake is FUCKING STUPID! She did exactly the right thing: she walked into a lion's den to stand with and for our military. She knew it was a place she'd be unwelcome and yet she went. Good for Mrs. Obama, Mrs. Biden and their staffs for putting their values ahead of their egos and fear.

And fuck every fan who booed this wonderful woman standing for real values when they burp and fart their lame, hollow support of American military families.


Bruce Lindner said...

Perfectly said. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I guess if Hitler handed a kid a candy bar as a good deed, he should have been cheered too?

These people don't think like normal people. Once you give just one moment of approval, they run with it as if they are being cheered for everything else and take it as an approval to continue down the path of government intrusion.

They need to know what they do on a day to day basis is not acceptable, and one gesture of "goodness" does not excuse the last few years.

JUDI M. said...

The FOX watching crowd and RWNJs that attend NASCAR races are a bunch, aren't they? We too watch it, but for the love of what-ever-god-you-want, the rudeness, bigotry, ignorance, and hate being displayed from all RW venues these last 3 years is appalling.
And they continue to portray OWS as "degenerate, antiAmerican, sex crazed, spoiled, defecating (LIE) losers. But fundamentalist white good-ol-boys are the cream of the crop..............fine upstanding flag wavers.

Simple "respect for the office" went out the window in November 2008.

Anonymous said...

You're right Judy. Once the "office" started to disrespect the country and citizens, that respect for the office being held by someone who constantly insults the "lazy" Americans, went out the window with it.

Asa for the OWS. Come on Judy. Are you really that blind and ignorant? It is nothing but an excuse to wreak havoc and demand things that belong to others, be given to them without working for it. The defecation is vile and disgusting and to defend the rapes, murders, theft and defecation to our flag and country is pathetic.

Broadway Carl said...

Seriously, "Anonymous"? You're comparing Michelle Obama to Hitler? BZZZT! You lose.

Anonymous said...

OMG Carl. I knew a Liberal would come out about this. Almost deleted it, but I wanted to see if I was right. Yup, you bit. You sound like the idiots who said the same about Hank Williams JR.

Now try some reading comprehension. I was comparing a situation, not people. There is a huge difference. Your twisting what I said does not fly anymore than your Liberal racist accusations do.

But thanks for playing. BZZZT! You win.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is a coward

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was brilliant!!!

Only a Liberal could come up with that amazing statement. Your parents must be so proud. LMAO!!!

jhw22 said...


Carl's reading comprehension is fine. Your comprehension of analogy creation is not. You compared a person, Hitler, doing something to a person, Mrs. Obama, doing something. Carl read your analogy properly. You either failed at your attempt to make another type of analogy or your disdain for Mrs. Obama couldn't be contained and cracked your analogy to pieces.

As for the situational aspect of the analogy, you must be oblivious to the work Mrs. Obama does for the military families or you wouldn't belittle her work to a comparison of giving out a candy bar. Perhaps her work, seen as a candy bar in your analogy, means you see military families as children in your analogy.

Also, I am not sure what the "one gesture of 'goodness'" is in your comment, but Mrs. Obama has done and does FAR MORE than going to a race to bring awareness of her program to millions of viewers. But, perhaps in your clouded judgement, you have missed the years of support she has given the military families, the efforts she has pushed to help them find jobs, homes and other services. So your "one gesture" comment completely ignore her work WHICH just reiterates my point: she has done and is doing good work for people we should all be doing more for. And if you can't let go of your hatred for her husband's policies to see that she is doing more than the equivalent of handing out candy bars, then I hope you aren't one of those people who says you "support the troops". If you turn your nose up to her efforts to ACTUALLY support the troops, then your claim of support is hollow.

It's called values and priorities.

And the next time you come here and accuse Carl, or anyone else, of "twisting" you better make damn sure your comments weren't poorly constructed to begin with. Carl didn't twist anything. You just failed at a proper analogy OR tried to walk it back when called out. Therefore, YOU are the only one twisting here.

Now, if you support the troops, go do something for them. And TRY to accomplish a fraction of what Mrs. Obama has done before you diss her efforts.


jhw22 said...

Bruce and Judi,

Thanks for seeing reality.


Anonymous said...

When you realize what reality is, maybe you'll make sense. Until then, you might want to stop having others think for you. Your comments are obviously the results of your Liberal indoctrination over the years. Good luck with that. Michelle Obama has spent more tax dollars on her personal pleasures than any other first lady. Do they not have enough of their own money? Despicable and you guys condone this and then scream that others are making too much and you want what others have worked for.

I guess it's true. Being a Liberal at age 20 means you have a heart, (but don't know better)but not being a Conservative by age 40 means you have no brain.

LMAO!!! You guys are always amusing, I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carl for not blocking or censoring content. Too many Liberal sites don't allow opposition. For that, you have my respect, whether you want it or not. :)

Anonymous said...

One more thing Jeniffer, learn what a proper analogy is. The two were separate. It's showing a simple, easy to understand, (maybe that's where I went wrong) comparison between two situations to show how they fit. It's like saying the flower was as blue as the sky. I wasn't saying the flower was the sky. See how that works? Not that difficult.

Your comparing my statement to our military as children, well, that doesn't even deserve a response. Wow!!! Educated?

jhw22 said...

Okie dokie.


Broadway Carl said...

Comments aren't censored here, Anon. That behavior is reserved for places like Hot Air, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin's Facebook page. Besides, why should I delete a comment like yours when it only reinforces the neoconservative concept? You make our point for us.

As far as my reading comprehension, Jennifer pretty much spelled it out for you.

Silly me, equating your "situation" comparison of a sitting First lady at a public event in support of our military to a fascist dictator hellbent on taking over the world and exterminating a race of people giving a child a candy bar. How could I have EVER mistake that?

We'll leave it at that. Stop feeding the troll, people, which Anon admitted to with this line: "Almost deleted it, but I wanted to see if I was right. Yup, you bit."

Don't feed the trolls - logical debate is impossible.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!!! Don't feed because your all beat. Nice deflection Carl. Typical Lib to deflect as Jennifer did.

You guys are so predictable it's funny.

By the way, trolling is not the same as baiting Carl. I baited and you bit. LMAO!!!

As for censorship. Try the Huff & Puff or Daily Cough. No opposition allowed, but Human Events, Townhall, etc... allows for free speech, so don't try to blame it on Conservatives. You mentioned personal people who have that right. These are Liberal organizations that censor. Pathetic.

Keep feeding me dumb asses. You prove my point with every word!!!


Anonymous said...

By the way, make sure you all listen to your leader Carl. Wouldn't want anyone to think for yourselves. After all, it is his site.

Good boys and girls. "pat" "Pat"

Broadway Carl said...

Ooh! I stand corrected. Yes, you WERE baiting, Now you're trolling. Notice the proper usage of "you're." And I'm glad you know that this is a personal blog and you are a guest.

Also, it seems that while you may have homonym trouble, please stop bastardizing the English language with acronyms best suited for texting or Twitter. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for biting again Carl. Looks like I'm feeding you. LMAO!!!

It's great to predict a Liberal who will always go after grammar and spelling when they are losing. Took you a while, but I knew you'd get there.

Broadway Carl said...

Ah, the "I meant to do that" defense. The last refuge of a desperate troll. And yet the fact remains that your analogy was either incorrect or completely off the wall, and you have yet to rebut any of the points made by Jennifer. We certainly know who's deflecting and the loser in this thread.

Done feeding. Hope you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh please! Deflecting what? The babble that Jennifer was attempting to throw around? Funny how she didn't dispute my facts. As for the analogy, do you even have a clue what one is? By "your" comment, it doesn't seem so.

Enjoy getting fed? Glad you enjoyed it. Pretty much all you seem to be able to do. Be fed. "Your" words are a very poor attempt to dispute what you are not familiar with, but I'll give you credit for trying.

"You're" going to have to do better if you expect to win an argument. I'm sure "your" followers will cheer you on.

Bravo Carl. The smartest Liberal in the room. Everyone will come to "your" defense, and bow down as if "you're" the King, and you will suck it up like the narcissist Liberal you portray yourself to be.

Good luck with that! LMAO!!!

jhw22 said...

So Carl,

What kind of pies are you having for Thanksgiving? I'm making a pumpkin and my mom is making a chocolate pecan.

I love pie. :)


Broadway Carl said...

Definitely pumpkin. Love me some pumpkin pie for the holidays!

NowhereMan said...

To anonymous: many of us who are liberal aren't indoctrinated,we were born into it.My father for example,died at age 37 when I was 10 my sisters were 8 and 12.My mother was making minimum wage as a factory worker.If it wasn't for that great liberal program social security,we would've been out on the streets,homeless.
So I had a great early appreciation on for what liberalism stood for which was helping people in dire consequences.Social security was created because old people for the most part when they reached retirement age,had very little savings and had to be supported by their families since most lived in poverty.Medicare was started by LBJ because seniors had a hard time buying medical insurance from the free markets consevatives love so much.
I point these things out because conservatives get so judgmental about social programs because they can't relate because they've never been in that situation or simply lack empathy.I laugh when I hear a clown like Limbaugh tell people to pull themselves by the boot straps when he started his radio career as a DJ on a radio station his father owned.
I'm so proud and happy to be a liberal because I grew up in hard times which made me more aware of the world surrounding me and how liberal programs have helped so many.If we don't have compassion for our fellow man what kind of a people are we?
As for the NASCAR crowd,many of them are the same people who are taught that the Civil War was a states rights issue and not a slavery issue-enough said.
Great post Jenn.

jhw22 said...

Nowhere Man,

Your post reminded me of a woman I know who:

Was unemployed
Hubby was unemployed
Had one child
Marriage wasn't doing well so she thought another baby would fix everything
CHOSE to GET pregnant
Went on welfare/CHIP for prenatal & children's health care, food stamps
Filed bankruptcy
Eventually found work -- for a tax-funded program
Owns a new house

She is a MAJOR Tea Party, Beck/Fox follower.

So she has had experiences that should open her eyes to others' needs and she really is a wonderful person. BUT she is the exact match for Lakoff's Strict Father ideology -- she wants others to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps but easily justified her own reach for a hand out.

Thanks for your feedback.