Sunday, May 6, 2012

Obama Weak on National Security

Uh... yeah. Right.

Yemeni officials said an airstrike killed a top al-Qaeda leader who was wanted in the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole. 
Local official Abu Bakr bin Farid said Fahd al-Quso was killed Sunday, along with an aide, in an airstrike in the southern Shabwa province. 
The Yemeni Embassy in Washington confirmed the report. 
The airstrike resembled earlier American drone attacks, but the U.S. did not immediately confirm it.
At this point, about 20 of the Top Commanders of Al Qaeda captured or hunted down under directives from the Obama administration, including Osama Bin Laden. Now whether or not you agree with the drone strike policy is another argument, but if we are really in the middle of a "war on terror" which in my definition consists of neutralizing and dismantling terrorist groups, then you can't deny the success rate of the last three plus years. President Obama weak on national security? Just not even remotely true.

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