Sunday, July 8, 2012

Allen West's Slavery Complex

...or "Dumbass Allen West Quote of the Week."

Sometimes I really think that Republican Congressman and Tea Party nut job Allen West just says things to make headlines. He enjoys the spotlight. He's got Donald Trump Fever, that dreaded disease where diarrhea spews from your mouth just to attract attention to yourself.

Responding to a question about the increase of Americans getting Social Security benefits, he said, "that is an unfortunate consequence of failing economic policies coming from the president so that now when people are running out of the unemployment benefits, now they are looking toward going on Social Security disability… so once again we are creating the sense of economic dependence, which to me is a form of modern, 21st century slavery."
Yeah. A black man comparing Social Security to slavery and blaming another black man in the process.

Of course, it doesn't dawn on West to blame the "failing economic policies" to an intransigent GOP,  more worried about bringing anti-abortion and anti-contraception bills, as well as contempt charges against the Attorney General, to the floor instead of any inkling of a jobs bill. Why help the President create jobs and lower the unemployment rate when your main goal is to make him a one-term president?

And where is the proof that there is a direct correlation between the long term unemployed and those filing for Social Security disability benefits? But I digress.

Nutty West keeps bringing up slavery, whether it be in regards to Social Security or the self esteem that comes with being employed. Come on, Florida! Surely you can do better than this. You've been very disappointing since November of 2000.


Anonymous said...

Thats not what he said. He said "social security disability". Those are disability benefits. And lots of people agree that disability benefits are out of control, and totally ridiculous. 80,000 people applied last month in America to be "disabled".

West is correct. The mischaracterization of his comments are totally disengenuous.

Broadway Carl said...

Yes, Anonymous. I know what he said. I heard it. I read it. It's in the quoted text I included in my post.

The point is the same. Where is the proof that people are applying for SS disability benefits because their unemployment insurance is running out? Where is the proof that your 80,000 people who applied last month (and I'd like to see a citation on that) for SSDI will automatically be approved? And out of the approximately 147 million who work, do you doubt that 0.00054 percent couldn't possibly be ill or injured, and are applying for a benefit that they may be entitled to? That they payed into possibly for years or decades?

I'll tell you what's disingenuous: Allen West comparing ANYTHING to slavery.