Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Oligarchs Know Better, Don't They?

Editor's Note: I'd like to welcome a new contributor who I've known for over 30 years. After reading a few of his Facebook posts, L.I. Weegie has graciously accepted to submit an occasional post at my invitation.
Posted by L.I. Weegie

News has it that Mitt Romney is holding a $50,000 a head fundraiser in the Hamptons with the billionaire Koch brothers in attendance. The Koch brothers are major backers of Romney.

I don't know if anyone thinks about these things during their daily course, but I do and it scares the hell out of me. The Kochs are famous for their social Darwinist, libertarian views and their willingness to make others live by their ideals. Because they feel they are rich and right. They know better.

You see in their multi-billion dollar world of the super rich Koch brothers, the only reason someone is poor is because they are defective. They are doing you a favor letting you live and breath. These are the same guys who backed forced sterilization of the "feeble minded" for their sake, and the genetic betterment of the population.

Are you defective?

The question is, do you want a president who is and takes money from rich oligarchs? Romney only wants to be in office to steal. To steal for himself and his friends because in their eyes they know better. They know how to live, how to be, how to breed. We are just cattle - steak for the oligarchs' table.

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