Saturday, August 11, 2012

Must Reads

Jim Tankersley: The Truth About Romney's Tax Plan: It's a Pipe Dream

Jason Easley: 63% of Americans Demand That Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns

Tommy Christopher: Fox’s Liz Trotta: ‘Ladies Of The Press’ Envy Ann Romney For Marrying Rich Guy

Imani Gandy (ABL): Missouri Rep. Todd Akin Wants to Ban the Morning After Pill Because He is Stupid

Josh Rogin: Romney's Japan Remark Raises Eyebrows

Booman: Kevin Drum Is Flailing

Steve Benen: The standards for 'embarrassment'

Michael Kinsley: Obama's Ruthless Politics vs. Romney's Ruthless Management

David Frum: Why Ryan?

Paul Begala: With Ryan, Romney Has the Plutocrat Ticket

Michael Tomasky: Romney’s Stunning, Terrible Choice of Ryan for VP

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