Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan's First "Homina Homina" Interview

Say what you will about Brit Hume (I certainly have), but this is one solid interview. Hume for the most part, doesn't let Ryan get away with vague, softball answers and tries to get concrete answers from Ryan on the GOP ticket's philosophy and how they plan to implement their vision.

You really should watch the whole interview and try to stomach some of the bullshit talking points.

There were a few things that struck me during this interview.

The $716 billion "raided" from Medicare to pay for Obamacare bullshit talking point not withstanding, Ryan insisted that under a Romney presidency, they would repeal ALL of Obamacare. Not keep the things that work or expressing concern for those who are enjoying some of the benefits of Obamacare already, but ENTIRELY repeal it.

That means those who have been able to obtain insurance now despite being previously refused due to preexisting conditions are out of luck. Seniors who've been able to save money by the Medicare Part D donut hole being closed? Sorry, you'll have to start paying for those meds again. Children who can stay on their parents insurance plan until 26 years of age, especially during this time of high unemployment and college graduates having trouble finding a job? That's a shame. It's the Henry Hill "Fuck you, pay me" Goodfellas style of health care policy.

If you noticed, it seems that the Romney campaign has basically forced Paul Ryan to abandon his own budget, causing Ryan to repeatedly refer to Romney's vision and that he signed on to the Romney campaign. Nevermind Ryan's philosophy and the budget he worked tirelessly on. That was apparently just an exercise to "start the conversation."

Hume also asked about Ryan's affinity for Ayn Rand, to which Ryan responded that he loved her books but not her philosophy. That same philosophy she espouses in her books that causes Ryan to insist his staffers read Rand?

All of this is can only get much more interesting if this is just Day Three of the Dynamic Duo's rollout. What does Ryan now stand for? All of Romney's ideas... or lack of.

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