Friday, August 31, 2012

Remember When McCain's Campaign was Erratic


I remember when the Obama campaign (and several newspapers) called the McCain Campaign erratic. Those were the good ol' days. Now we are watching Romney run a half-assed campaign. Or maybe it's amateur campaign. Or maybe it's a taking-too-much-for-granted campaign. I don't even know how to label what it is they are doing. My brain is wiggly like Jell-o trying to articulate the lack of energy, clarity, cohesiveness and any sense of forethought. It's as if the Romney campaign is ADHD and lazy at the same time. They make decisions on the fly while lounging like a couch potato. I just don't get what the fuck they are doing.

At the convention, they had Ann Romney say it's all about love then Christie came out and said SCREW love. That was like totally awkward.

Then last night I watched the convention bio piece about Romney and actually thought it accomplished a lot in telling the Romney story. It had touching and funny and interesting moments. 
THEN I learned that the Romney campaign decided to have the networks air Clint Eastwood rather than Romney's bio piece. A) Clint Eastwood isn't the one running for POTUS. B) EVERYONE knows that Romney has been running for 6 years and Americans STILL have no idea what he's about. C) The GOP mocks celebrities yet chose to prioritize a celebrity over their candidate. D) Clint came off like a man entering dementia. 

E) What they fuck are they thinking!?!?!

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