Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Bullsh*t Smear: Obama Hates Women

Whiteys, Whiteys everywhere, another meme that stinks.

Oh, look! It's President Obama in a room full of men! How will I ever get over it?! Pass the smelling salts! I think I'm getting the vapors!!!

How dare he! How dare President Obama nominate a man, A MAN!, to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. The gall of President Obama to nominate Jack Lew to replace Timothy Geitner as Treasury Secretary. Chuck Hagel at Denfense? Wait, doesn't he have testicles? THE NERVE!

A splashy front page story in the New York Times wondering why there is no diversity in Obama's new Cabinet picks and history is immediately forgotten. NO DIVERSITY! cries Annie Lowrey. Where are the binders full of women, asks The Washington Post's Ruth Marcus, conveniently playing on and misinterpreting Mitt Romney's gaffe as something Romney initiated, and as we later found out, revealed to be yet another lie.

Yes, a war on women. President Obama hates women so much, his most trusted advisor is Valerie Jarrett. He hates them so much Kathleen Sibelius is the head of Health and Human Services, Janet Napolitano runs the Department of Homeland Security, Hillary is still his Secretary of State, and both Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor have been appointed to the Supreme Court. I haven't checked under their robes but I think they still have vaginas. The latter is also a Latina, a two-for! Damn that diversity.

Eric Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, is of Japanese descent and Attorney General Eric Holder is black. Up until announcing her retirement, no one was mentioning Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. She's a woman too, right? I hope so with a name like Hilda.

Here's what pisses me off about this ridiculous non-story: had the right wingers not banged the Susan-Rice-Benghazi-Faux-Outrage drum so incessantly, we very well may have seen Rice replace Clinton, and we wouldn't be talking about how President Obama hates women so much. Oh, and Susan Rice is still the UN Ambassador, isn't she? Another Obama appointment.

So knock it off with this, ridiculous, eye-roll worthy bullshit. Had he picked a person of color or a woman, I'm sure we'd be hearing about how it was an Affirmative Action pick and the whiners would beat their chests wondering why someone (maybe even a white male) more qualified wasn't chosen exactly like the Rice/John Kerry fiasco. Must we at every turn, try to pin something on the President that has no real basis in reality? Do you think perhaps he's attempting to choose the best qualified person for the job with whom he's also comfortable? There's enough to criticize without making shit up.

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