Saturday, January 12, 2013

Must Reads

The Rude Pundit: Fun with Terrorism in the Bible (A Brief But Special Post for Pamela Geller)

Alex Seitz-Wald: The Hitler gun control lie

Mike Wall: Largest structure in universe discovered — it's mind-boggling

Josh Marshall: Okay, This Is Awesome - White House Responds to Petition For Building Death Star

Driftglass: Days of Future Passed

David Atkins: Dishonestly and ignorantly switching the culprit from guns to games

Robert Reich: The Hoax of Entitlement Reform

Paul Krugman: Coins Against Crazies

Robert Fisk: Anonymous trolls are as pathetic as the anonymous "sources" that contaminate the gutless journalism of the New York Times, BBC, and CNN

Charles Pierce: The Chris Christie Conundrum 

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