Friday, February 20, 2009

The Great Twitter Experiment

You'll notice a new widget on the right side of my page I've titled, "Tweeting Thoughts." I don't know what can of worms I'm opening with this Twitter thing, and I'm not expecting people to follow my every move, nor am I using Twitter for that purpose. My main intent is to use this application to quickly jot down a thought electronically when the thought just isn't big enough for a fully expanded post. It'll also give me access to my blog when I'm not near my laptop or desktop.

Of course, if you choose to follow me on Twitter, I won't mind.

In the meantime, the look might change occasionally as I experiment with The Twitter. Right now, I have no idea what I'm doing since I'm the type to rip open the box and start playing with gadgets before actually reading instructions.

Tweet! Tweet!


Jon Lester said...

I appreciate your experiment so the rest of us can see what happens. I maintain a MySpace artist page but I simply haven't bothered with Facebook or Twitter because I don't really want to triple my daily efforts.

Annette said...

Cool...I am now following you on