Thursday, February 12, 2009

Values Voters

Guest posted by Armadillo Joe

Once, during my senior year in high school, a girl accused me -- in front of everybody -- of being a "satanic atheist." When I attempted to explain to her the stupidity of that statement, she started crying and yelling that I had been tempted by Satan to reject the god who loves me and his son who died on the cross for my sins and that made me a "satanic atheist."

That experience was not the only reason I left Texas and The South, but the fact that she was not only not that unusual in the braindead bigotry of her beliefs nor even their spittle-flecked passion, but is in fact pretty much considered mainstream illustrates the type of people many Texans and Southerners are in their core and why I had to leave for more wide-open minds.

Which brings me to this story (h/t Booman Tribune). In South East Texas, 16 miles outside of Jasper -- the internationally famous, racist shithole where James Byrd, Jr. was dragged to his death behind a pickup truck about ten years ago -- it seems a 35-year veteran of the Brookeland, Texas Independent School District had the temerity to express his un-reactionary views a little too much in class. He had the unmitigated gall to tell his students that he was a supporter of Barack Obama and that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh were lying about Mr. Obama being a Muslim. Soon enough, he was suspended following an argument in a school building hallway with an upset parent (yes, a parent came to the school to confront him about speaking ill of Fox News and the porcine drug-addicted sex-tourist -- during school hours). After a few weeks of on-again, off-again questioning that culminated in the ISD's superintendant asking him if he was a Christian, and to which he replied that it was none of the school district's business, he was ultimately dismissed him for a trumped-up charge of "inappropriate contact" with students. The best part is that he was replaced by the Baptist minister who leads the church where the majority of the Brookeland ISD's supervisors get their churchin'.

Which was purely a coincidence, I'm sure.

You can read the finer details of the whole sordid tale here, but only do so if you don't want to bash your forehead into your desktop.

Stories like this explain how George W. Bush was able to get the second election close enough to steal and the continued political careers of neanderthal nitwits like Pete Sessions and John Cornyn. However many good, awesome True Blue hippies and other assorted space cowboys one might find in Austin and the Texas Hill Country or even in certain isolated pockets of Dallas or Houston, by and large the State of Texas, especially the South East corner of it near the Louisiana border -- like the rest of Old Dixie it is so close to -- is still the racist, unevolved sewer it has been since the days of slavery.

And Barack Hussein Obama is their president.

So suck on that, haters.

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Fraulein said...

I don't understand these people. I truly don't. I've grown away from it somewhat now, but I used to be pretty religious. I was raised Catholic--Italian Catholic, in New Jersey, among the true believers whose faith was inextricable from their overall cultural identity--which in itself was all about caring for others. The Jesus I was taught about bears no resemblance to this angry Jesus the southern Bible-thumpers follow. The Jesus I learned about in church was all about helping the poor and turning the other cheek--that sort of thing. How these people can call themselves Christians is beyond me.