Saturday, March 28, 2009

Breaking News...

guest-posted by Armadillo Joe

...Harry Reid discovers that water is wet:
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took a moment Friday to lament Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert's tenure on the court so far, which in Reid's opinion has been far more conservative than expected. "He didn't tell us the truth," Reid's said
We bloggers out here in Left-Wing-Hippie-stan all tried to tell you fucking people that Roberts was a lying conservatard sack of shit who would smile as he slid the ideological knife between your ribs, tried to get you smug SOB's to stand and fight, fight, fight when that asshole came up for confirmation, tried to get you to do your fucking jobs as representatives of voters who believe that Rethugli-goon ideas about representative democracy amount to undermining it at every opportunity and oppose a guy who was young enough to distort court decisions to more nefarious ends for possibly two generations, tried to tell you. We tried to tell you, but then we're all just a bunch of bitter partisans with no real political power besides being able to vote in large numbers, which ain't nothin' unless some dollars are attached, I guess. We tried, but you people took the scorpions at their word, that they wouldn't sting you.

Jokes on you, eh? Or all of us.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon Armadillo!Harry reid is the most spineless,disengenuously phonies in congress.He knew what Roberts was all about.He and the other dems just didn't have the balls to standup to GWB.The only thing they ever stoppd was the John Bolton U N nomination.Hes a poor excuse for majority leader.IT to me shows how still, despite having control of both houses,they keep this guy as their leader.Unfuckinbelievable!You can't have true change when this guy stands for the status quo.