Tuesday, March 24, 2009

They Have An Anthem?!

Yes, the Tea Party has an anthem. It actually left me speechless for a little while.

It's like getting hit across the head with a frying pan of stupid, isn't it? Mr. Lloyd Marcus has really outdone himself.

I love the line,
"I believe in the Constitution and all that it stands for
Anyone who tramples it should be booted out the door."

But I'm searching for the song Mr. Marcus wrote for President Bush and Vice President Cheney about illegal wiretapping, suspension of habeas corpus and extraordinary rendition, the firing of US attorneys for political purposes, the outing of a CIA operative, well you know the rest... but I haven't found that song. I wonder if he neglected to put it up on YouTube yet for fear of agents coming to his house in the middle of the night and taking him away?

This guy is actually going to be on Fox News at 10:30am today (in about 7 minutes). Fair and balanced.

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