Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Are The Ideas? - UPDATED

Contessa Brewer is in a rage over the GOP conference today about the specifics of their alternative budget because... wait for it... they didn't unveil any ideas!

Brewer: "I am very frustrated because we've been waiting for this, we cut away from the President['s live Online Town Hall] to hear the big build up. Republicans have a plan, they have ideas, they're not the Party of No, and all I heard in that news conference was what they don't like about the president's plan.

...We've heard all this before. You get us all hyped up. You have our undivided attention and what happens, but you get up and repeat the same criticism we've already heard. I didn't hear ideas. I heard the promise of ideas. 'And we're going to have more on X, Y and Z' but I didn't hear the ideas."

Mike Viqueira: "So you're saying it's old wine in new bottles, essentially."

Brewer: "Well, that was a much pithier way of saying it."

A much pithier way of saying "Same shit, different day." Contessa Brewer getting her GOP RAGE on! By the way, I could have told you the GOP wouldn't really unveil any alternative ideas. This reminded me of the press conference Duncan Hunter had during his presidential campaign to announce that he was NOT quitting the race.

UPDATE (2:50pm): BarbinMD - House Republicans Unveil ... Nothing

Thanks to DailyKos for the video.

UPDATE II (3:05pm):
BAM! DNC Spokesman Hari Sevugan: "After 27 days, the best House Republicans could come up with is a 19-page pamphlet that does not include a single real budget proposal or estimate. There are more numbers in my last sentence than there are in the entire House GOP budget."

Norah O'Donnell is taking her shot at this hour's GOP punching bag, Mike Pence.

O'Donnell: " order to have a good debate, don't you need you need to be able to say that the president's plan over 10 years is going to add to the deficit, it's going to make it $9.3 trillion and ours would only do this. I mean, you guys haven't even come up with number. So how is your plan credible?"

UPDATE III (4:45pm): Think Progress has more on Mike Pence and Norah O'Donnell.


GottaLaff said...

BC, thanks for linking this over at The Political Carnival.

I'm sorry I missed it when it aired. I'm going to add her quote to my post, if it's okay with you.


Annette said...

I really didn't hear it, just saw it, I had it muted and was watching the computer..It pissed me off they took off the president to go to the stupid gopers for nothing.