Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama's Easter Egg Roll

I just saw President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama participate in their first White House Easter Egg Roll live on MSNBC.

Stand by for wingnut outrage in 5... 4... 3...

*How dare the Messiah waste time on such frivilous things as a 139 year old White House tradition when there are so many things to take care of! If he had kept his eye on the ball instead of playing with eggs, maybe Capt. Richard Phillips wouldn't have been kidnapped by Somali pirates in the first place. Yeah, I know he was rescued in a daring Navy SEAL operation that only took three shots, and yeah, I know that President Obama gave authorization to use deadly force if necessary and yeah, I know Captain Phillips was unharmed... but what took so long?

And now the Somali pirates have vowed to avenge the deaths of their fellow mateys. What now, Mr. Commander in Chief?! You've only aggravated the situation in that dangerous part of the high seas! Nice job.*

Here endeth the snark.

In other stupid news, it looks like Arizona State University is planning to name a scholarship in honor of President Obama after realizing that deciding not to give him an honorary degree was an incredibly asinine decision. After all, Obama hasn't reached the status of other ASU honorary degree recipients like Erma Bombeck, Steve Allen and Jerry Colangelo.


Matt Osborne said...

Yeah, I was beginning to find that nasty meme flitting around out there. Obama wasn't being "tough enough," etc. They've shut up about it now, but they won't give Obama one bit of credit for being tough.

Of course, the irony is that neither Reagan or Bush I would have sent the US Navy in the first place. Outside of Hollywood fantasies, the US military NEVER, EVER took on terrorists in any way, shape, or fashion prior to 2001. It was official pentagon policy to regard terror, piracy, etc as law enforcement issues.

Annette said...

You forgot the most important recipient of an honorary Degree ever.. not sure if it was ASU but it was an honorary one..