Friday, April 17, 2009


posted by Armadillo Joe

(NOTE: I edited some of the language since the original post for clarity)

The tea-baggers rhetoric doesn't make sense, they have to talk in circles, because 40 years ago a diseased cur named Richard Milhouse Nixon figured out that he could slither his way into the White House on rails of racial hatred greased by the sycophantic flattery of the perpetually aggrieved, on a bandwagon built of the decaying bones of a failed ideology, motivated by the cultural resentment falling out from a politically powerful white man from the former confederate state of Texas named Lyndon Baines Johnson having the unmittigated gall to spend the entirety of his accumulated political capital to advance the cause of the black man and the twin causes of morality and justice generally for the betterment of society as a whole and -- even more offensively -- The Union.

In the 40 years since LBJ betrayed his race for the greater good, the open hatred in the rhetoric that revealed the deep-seated, race-hating psychosis of the culturally retarded and resentful troglodytes squirming and writhing like orcs on the bubbling, simmering, blood-, pus- and bile-slicked floor of the Rethugli-goon coalition has been slowly phased-out of polite society while their openly racist language gradually mutated in the name of survival-of-the-linguistically-fittest in a marketplace of ideas increasingly hostile to such evolutionaryily stunted mental constructs into code words and phrases of dog-whistle meaning that remained crystal clear to Haters in-the-know, so that it always remained on tap in case the plutocrats needed a little juice to throw an election or government decision their way. Yet, after over half a century of standing athwart history and ineffectively shouting STOP!, of losing every single cultural battle they engaged, of consistently and predictably being on the wrong side of every single important historical development in their lifetimes, as the mounting pressure within Nixon's Coalition of Hate finally blew it apart in recent elections spattering its blood and guts and ungainly chunks of race-hating red meat to lie scattered and rotting on the battlefield, as the various High Commissars of Hate on the Reich-wing of Amerikkkan politics have exhausted all other avenues of raw power to advance their disparate causes of hatred and suppression of The Other, their ultimate failure so complete and utter that a black man now occupies the White House, they are reverting to form, regressing to their imagined cultural childhood in an idyllic '50s (1850's), to the base elements in their political DNA, to the ideas of their much-hallowed and Oh-So-Precious tradition -- the Lost Cause -- which really means treason in defense of human chattel slavery: Secession.

The corporate sponsors of the tea-baggin' parties can't alchemically bring their rhetoric into some semblance of coherence for those who don't share their world-view because in order to connect to the seemingly evolved portions of the electorate, they have to talk around the underlying racial hatred that motivates the anger of the tea-baggers. As deftly as they've been able to maintain that delicate chemical process for four decades, the formula has finally collapsed and we run the risk now of a runaway chemical process, a chain-reaction leading to a China Syndrome explosion of violence and butchery. They are emotional children playing at grown-up games and it is time to stop affording them the courtesy of pretending that they have anything useful or constructive to contribute to the national discourse.

Fuck 'em. They want to go? Let 'em. We're better off without them, they are worse off without us and they are simply too fucking stupid to know it.


Matt Osborne said...

I saw a poll today that said more than eighty percent of Texans do not want to leave the union.

I say, let the GOP try this new line and see how it works out. Maybe they will marginalize them down here too.

ZenYenta said...

Wow. Quite the post, this one is. It's what a lot of us sense happening, but we're told oh, no. You're just playing the race card. It's just us liberals whining about political correctness. But you know the territory. You're from Ground Zero of this particular episode. I understand well enough the kind of bigotry you find in the boroughs and suburbs of New York but can't always be sure I know the language in other places.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post...up until the last para, where it all went to Hell. To just say, "Fuck 'em. They want to go? Let 'em.", without regard to the fate of the non-white, non-crony, currently American citizens residing in the putative White Republic of Texas, won't fly any better today than it did 170 years ago.

A lot of blood has gone under that bridge since 1860; a large price has been paid to drag the former Confederacy, kicking and screaming every inch of the way, into first the 20th, and then the 21st, century. That represents a blood debt that I do not think it would be wise, even if it were possible, to walk away from at this point (although it would be fun to see just how long Texans would bear up under the treatment that, say, Cuba has endured for 50 long years!)

As a proud non-Texan, I say: if you Texicans want out of the Union, you can fucking fight your way out, just like you did(n't) last time! And God help you if you try it and fail, like last time! (If you think de Feds is all up in yo' shit now ....)--AManOfConstantZorro