Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An Open Letter to Congressman Jack Kimble (R-CA) - UPDATED: It's A Parody!

Thanks to blogger and frequent commenter Annette for bringing this to my attention.

It seems yet another House Republican is taking credit for stimulus money received from a bill he didn't support with his vote. He's even bragging about it on his new blog which I find extremely odd. Not odd that Congressman Kimble would be a conspiracy fearing, Obama socialist name calling, climate crisis denying, creationism supporting hypocrite, but odd that I can find his personal blog, but his name doesn't show up on the House of Representatives government website. You'd think that with an agenda like Kimble's, he'd have his official site up and running instead of calling Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi "a mean one and when she stares at you with those cold dead eyes, well you just wilt" in the comments section of his blog like a high school teenage girl talking about her evil chemistry teacher. If fact, I think I'll screen capture it before he decides to delete it.

So I thought I'd comment to Representative Kimble on the amazing job he's doing using taxpayer dollars he didn't vote for to supply Walmart with its non-union minimum wage greeters from a slew of retired veterans who now have to work because government sponsored deregulation helped pillage their retirement savings in no time flat. Here is my comment.

Congressman Kimble:

Congratulations on the new GI to Greeter Center in your district. I'm glad there is enough of a call for Walmart greeters that it constitutes the necessity of building a training facility to handle such a large demand. And here I thought that Walmart greeters simply stood by the door and "greeted" you as you arrived and bid you farewell as you exited with occasional directions to the knick-knack aisles when asked. How silly am I? Our seniors, especially our retired GIs need help finding work these days what with the economy being what it is these last couple of years.

I find it rather incredulous however, that you are touting "stimulus funds, that I helped push hard to get for us" when not a single Republican in the House voted in favor of the stimulus bill. Not one. How do you account for this? How do you stand in front of the "GI to Greeter Center" participating in a ground breaking ceremony with a smile on your face and a shovel in your hand, shaking the hands of your constituents and taking credit for bringing home the bacon when you had absolutely no effect on the passage of the stimulus bill? How can you take credit for something you voted against? Had Republicans been successful in blocking the passage of this bill, you wouldn't have had the opportunity for your shovel ready photo-op. What would you have said to Mr. Roger Wainwright then?

I hope the citizens of your district take great advantage of the stimulus money passed by Congress in the hopes of jumpstarting the economy and eventually realize that you had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Broadway Carl
I hope you'll all join me in telling Rep. Kimble what you think of his ideas, his newborn blog and have an honest and open debate with him on his ideas and values. Don't hold back but please be respectful. Plus, it's a new blog, so he needs the hits.

(H/T Annette, JMLPOTW)

UPDATE (4/8/09 10:05am):
I'm beginning to think this Kimble blog is a parody. Commenter Vast has this to say:
I don't think this guy exists. He says he represents Fulton - Barksdale corridor and sliver of Blake county.

I can't confirm the existence of a Blake county in California

His most recent posts read like an article from The Onion:
The interview has already been taped and Linda Ellard is not only extremely nice, she's a news babe with a capital B. I think I did a nice job stating the reasons why nursing home staff should be armed in the event that al-qaeda tries to get to us through our seniors.
Yep, definitely a parody. If you go to his website you'll see his face is obviously photoshopped into the pictures. Pretty damned good if you ask me. The blog, not the photoshopping. Looking forward to future posts with amusement now that I know what I'm reading. You got me, Mr. Kimble!

Damn, and I wasted a pretty good letter too. Although, I could just change the name, change the pork project and address it to any of the other Republicans actually doing the same thing.


Annette said...

He's a real piece of work isn't he...lol Takes the cake..

enigma4ever said...

Too funny that he has time to blog- really odd isn't it?

..great letter..might be too smart for him LOL...

( I could not find him either....hmm, what is up with that- doesn't he have a website ?)

Matt Osborne said...

Methinks I smell a very clever fraud...

Vast said...

I don't think this guy exists. He says he represents Fulton - Barksdale corridor and sliver of Blake county.

I can't confirm the existence of a Blake county in California.

Annette said...

Got me too.. sorry.. I fell hook, line and sinker.. darn that Nate...

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