Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jesse Ventura: I Was Waterboarded. It's Torture.

Larry King (@ 1:07): "Alright already with Bush, okay?"

Nice try, Larry, but Ventura is smart enough to realize that you can't judge in a bubble and that making judgments on President Obama 100 days in to his four years without grading it on a curve because of the horrendous hand he was dealt is not a fair assessment. Dismissing what happened for the previous eight years and asking how Obama is doing when we all know that he's still trying to climb out of a hole the size of the Grand Canyon is completely misleading.

I'm also glad Ventura called waterboarding what it is and dispelled the myth that it's different because "you know you're not going to drown." Obviously mistakes can be made, and others experts have attested that it can cause cardiac arrest as well as a suffocating esphogeal collapse hours later.

And calling Dick Cheney a coward and a chickenhawk is always a bonus.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

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Annette said...

That entire 15 minutes is worth watching.. I normally don't watch Larry King, but when I saw that short clip I went and found the full section.. it was wonderful.. He has a lot more to say than what is in that. About legalizing marijana, about Cuba, about MN, just a great work all around.