Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nope, try again

posted by Armadillo Joe

Apparantly, Keith Olbermann thinks that Rush Limbaugh's kidneys are off-limits:

And I would say to Keith that he can get all sanctimonious about a black comedienne saying something mean about the kidneys of a charter member emeritus of the white plutocratic Establishment to, oh I dunno, let's say um... Michael J. Fox:

Sorry, Keith, but the depth and putresence of Rush's Ĺ“uvre makes every part of that porcine, drug-addled sex tourist's ample anatomy fair game for mocking and derision. If anything said about his shriveled, diseased body parts happens to shock! shock! the sensibilities of the insulated, fatuous media elite of D.C., well hey... live by the sword, die by the sword, motherfuckers.

Fuck Rush Limbaugh and screw you for taking his side in a fight.


ZenYenta said...

Yeah and I call bullshit on it anyway. I don't believe all this holier than though stuff from Olbermann. Tweety is a different matter. He has those choir boy moments all the time.

Broadway Carl said...

I haven't seen last night's Countdown yet (guess I'll watch the video you posted) but I too was disappointed by the bumpers inferring that KO was critical of Sykes. Give me a break.

We're supposed to defend the man from a joke when the very first show after the dinner he was speaking of Obama's secret plan to have the banks fail, intentionally rising unemployment in order to have more people on Food Stamps. Limbaugh calls it "forced reparations" and I'm supposed to feel sorry for that douche? Not on your life, Keith.

(Forced reparations post coming soon.)

Annette said...

Keith is very defensive of 9-11, that's the only thing I can think of why he did that... I don't know.. I didn't understand it either.. I really didn't think it was that over the line.. But I am not a big Wanda Sykes fan... So don't ask me...lol