Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Orrin Hatch: 1991 Sotomayor Appointment Was A Moynihan Pick

A "one for one" deal? She was "picked by Senator Moynihan"? I call bullshit. I'm sure that Moynihan made a suggestion, but you can't have it both ways to strengthen your current position. The final decision is the President's and to rewrite history to suggest that George H.W. Bush had no say in his final decision to choose Sotomayor as his nominee in 1991 is too far-fetched to believe. How stupid does he think the public is to believe that Bush 41 could care less who was chosen as long as the ranking Senators on both sides made the decisions? If that's the case, then G.H.W. Bush committed a serious dereliction of his duties as President.

(*Note - the original title of this post noted the year 1998, when Sotomayor was nominated by Bill Clinton for the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. George H.W. Bush nominated her for the US District Court of New York's Southern District.)

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Annette said...

Tweety said the same thing.. I didn't hear the exact quote but he said something about Moynihan picking her..

Because that made her a good pick in his book, since he thought so much of Moynihan. Something along those lines.