Sunday, May 24, 2009

What A Game!

Imagine my surprise when I found out that the tickets I was given to last night's Mets/Red Sox game in Fenway Park were (wait for it) in the luxury suites! And being in enemy territory, but in the "General's quarters" if you will, we treated each other with mutual respect which made for a good time for an exciting game.

A great pticher's duel between Josh Beckett and Mike Pelfrey along with some amazing defense found the Mets down 2-1 in the 9th inning with one man on and two and Mets catcher Omir Santos at the plate. With out left to win the game, Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon grooved a pitch to Santos that he crushed over the green monster in left-centerfield for a 2 run homer that had to be reviewed on video to confirm it indeed went over the designated line at the top of the wall.

The Red Sox made one last effort in the bottom of the 9th but some stellar defensive plays by David Wright, Lius Castillo and a diving stop in the hole by shortstop fill-in Ramon Martinez stopped the threat.

One of the best games I've seen in a while not just because the Mets won, but because of the excellent defense. It's always fun as a baseball fan to watch well played ball on both sides.


ZenYenta said...

Nice seats! And yes, it's good to be safe. Those fans are serious. Some years ago my son's band played a gig at a bar near Fenway. While the Yankees were in Boston. The Band was Mets fans all, and held no grudge against any team that hated the Yankees so much. But then, the band members were all little kids in '86 and on the winning side taboot. Their eyes were opened when one of their number was having a very nice conversation with an attractive young lady until it came up that he was from NY. Just the geography earned him a smack in the face and an FU!

Anonymous said...

Hope you liked historic Fenway Carlos! Thanks for the generous post. Like Mrs. Broadway Carl and the Reds, this is the one match-up where I will root against the Mets.
Love ya lots-
Mrs. Armadillo-Joe

Fraulein said...

Hey, are you still here? We should meet up for a drink! E-mail me if you haven't gone back to NYC yet!