Thursday, May 28, 2009

Stupidest Tweet Ever

Yep, that's Newt Gingrich slapping a "racist" label on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor within 24 hours of visiting the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. It must have made a really big impression on him that he would take the time to spew out the latest GOP talking point.

To quote Newt's tweet, "Everyone should see it and think of the evil which stalks the world today." And I might add, the evil that stalks the talking head shows as well.

(H/T Kos)


Matt Osborne said...

Newt descending into self-parody: Teh Stupid™.

Fraulein said...

I can't believe that anyone takes anything Gingrich says seriously.

Anonymous said...

Heres the story on Newt;You see him being interviewed on tv and tries to come across like an eriudite conservative intellectual he is ater all,a college professor.Then you remember this is the same asshole who shutdown the govmn't because on an air force trip to Israel when Rabin was assassinated,Clinton didn't go to the back of the plane to talk to him!This is the same asshole who married his H S teacher then divorced her as she recovered from cancer surgery because he was having an affair with his secretary.This is the same douche bag who crucified Clinton over the Lewinsky affair but then had to resign becuse....Surprise!he was having an affair with a staffer.Yup cheating on his former secretary wife!Now he goes to the lowest common denominator and calls Sotomayor a racist!He's intellectually dishonest.That why if your on the RIGHT WING you can't ever take this phony piece of shit seriously!