Saturday, June 20, 2009

Must Reads

Chris Geidner: President Obama has not betrayed the gay community

Bob Herbert: A Threat We Can't Ignore

Christopher Brauchli: The Rise and Fall of the Cigarette

Paul Krugman: The Froomkin Firing

Rude Pundit: George W. Bush: Tan, Rested, Still a Total Dick

Armadillo Joe recommends...
STSOZ: Our Common Peril

Matt Taibbi: The Greatest Non-Apology of All Time

Sam Youngman: At fundraiser, Obama laughs at critics

Digby: The Club

Dr. Biobrain: The Revolution Will Not Be Twittered

Dr. Zaius: Trust Me, I'm a Doctor...

Impolitic: The Roberts Court

1 comment:

veralynn said...

I love that you do this every week. I usually catch most of them. But I check your list for other goodies.

As for this week, I have been doing nothing but Iran, so it is especially wonderful this week.