Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ensign's Mommy & Daddy "Gifted" Mistress $96K

Senator Ensign, it just gets more and more embarrassing for you, doesn't it?

Politico: Sen. John Ensign's parents shelled out big bucks to pay off their son's mistress, the latest twist in an unfolding scandal that has upended the political career of the one-time rising GOP star.
...On Thursday, Ensign's attorney said that the senator's parents gave Doug Hampton, Cynthia Hampton and their two children gifts worth $96,000 in the form of a check. The attorney, Paul Coggins, said that each gift was limited to $12,000 and "complied with tax rules governing gifts."
Seriously, John? Your mommy and daddy tried to pay off your mistress and her family? Sort of makes Governor Mark "Juan Peron" Sanford look like a stand up guy.


Anonymous said...

Hard to believe this douchebag was considered presidential material!
He's not man enough to handle his affairs-no pun intended so like a horny teenager,gets himself into a mess with his liberal penis and goes running to mommy & daddy to bail him out.When the going gets tough call the parents!What ever happened to that "personal responsibility"him and Sanford preached?

Annette said...

If you hear the interview with Hampton it is chilling what Ensign and Colburn did to them. They were ruthless and very typically cold. It really is a good thing Hampton and his wife had the guts to threaten to go public or they would be dead someplace, I really believe that.. just from what was implied and knowing how Vegas works. Remember, Ensigns parents are Casino owners..not just parents.. that was untraceable cash..if he hadn't gone public with one would have ever known he had been paid this money and Ensign would have walked away.

NowhereMan said...

To Annette- Hampton is no saint. He was obviously trying to extort more money from Ensign.If he were a real man he should've beaten the shit out of Ensign for doing his wife instead what he became a pimp collecting money from the John.
neither one of these scumbags has the right to be called "men".