Monday, July 6, 2009

Another Possible Motivation for Palin

Posted by Fraulein

This weekend I felt as confused by Sarah Palin's rambling press conference as everyone else, but now I think I have a theory about what she's really up to. I agree with Carl that it's possible she simply wants to clear the decks and prepare for a 2012 Presidential run. However, I still think that at some point, as dumb as the leading "thinkers" in the GOP are, these people have to accept that it would be suicide for the party if Palin were to emerge as the front runner. I mean, we can't possibly get that lucky, can we? To have this blithering doofus at the top of the ticket, when she doomed McCain as their Vice Presidential candidate? The Republican base for whatever incomprehensible reason just loves this woman. The rest of the country, not so much.

So here's my alternative theory: it's all about the money. Specifically, money from speeches and a book tour.

Palin herself, although seemingly untroubled by any complicated thought process, still must have at least some dim understanding that a Presidential bid would be doomed from the start. She did like getting to shop for all those expensive clothes though. She loved having the cameras on her, and hearing the cheers of the adoring GOP faithful. What better way to milk what remains of her 15 minutes of fame than "writing" a "book" about her experiences on the campaign trail and giving speeches at fringe right-wing wacko gatherings for some obscene fee? That way she gets to remain "famous," which I think is what she liked the most about the whole campaign anyway, make a shitload of cash, and walk away laughing.

What do you all think -- any other theories?

EDITOR'S NOTE: While my original instinct was that Palin flew the coop to prepare for higher aspirations, I want to make it clear if I haven't before that I think it's the stupidest move she could have made.

Along with most other analyses, I agree that not running for re-election but also flat out quitting her job makes her look like she couldn't hack it. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant. She failed to fulfill one full term in office as Governor of the 4th least populated state while receiving the most federal aid of any state. This further diminishes what little she had on her resumé to begin with. Her penchant for hashing out private matters in the tabloids (see Johnston, Levi) or using the power of her office for intimidation (see Gate, Trooper) makes her seem power hungry and unstable.

And here's the kicker. If
Bill Kristol thinks it's a good move, you know it's wrong.

- Broadway Carl


Wolfe Tone said...


You've probably already seen this, but Fred Barnes, Conservative Cheerleader™ at the Weekly Standard says that this move by Palin pretty well sinks any chance of a 2012 run.

2020? Barnes says maybe, if Palin runs & beats Congressman Don Young in 2010 and then runs and beats Senator Mark Begich in 2014.

Barnes theorizes that with a full House term and a full Senate term under her belt, Palin might have a shot to make a 2020 presidential bid.

But he's making two rash assumptions:

1. That Palin can actually stick to something and see it through:

A brief Palin history: I believe it took her five colleges and seven years to get a journalism degree. That was the omen.
In politics, Palin quit the Wasilla City Council to run for mayor, she quit the Wasilla mayor's position to run for Lt. Governor, she then quit the (Murkowski appointed) Alaska Oil & Gas Commission post to run for governor, and now she's quitting the governor's job to... well, whatever.

2. He's assuming that she could actually BEAT those guys, and along the way, learn something, and retain that knowledge.

That ain't where the smart money is.

Annette said...

I have my theory up at my place.. Limpballs was espousing last week that he wanted a Coup to happen and over throw the President.. well, since she was just visiting with the troops in Kosovo and others and is involved with the AIP and NRA and other nuts of that ilk what's to say he isn't getting the militia together, having it done and putting her in as leader when it is over? Remember he is her champion and has made no secret of it in several different times that he was in favor of her being the leader of the GOP.

Wolfe Tone said...


I think you may have hid the nail squarely on the head.

As my friend Elwood, author of I Eat Gravel pointed out during a conversation with me:

While Governor, Sarah cannot accept payment for speaking engagements or collect any money from her pending book contract.

Title 39 of the Alaska Statutes specifically prohibits it:

AS 39.52.170. Outside Employment Restricted.

(a) A public employee may not render services to benefit a personal or financial interest or engage in or accept employment outside the agency which the employee serves, if the outside employment or service is incompatible or in conflict with the proper discharge of official duties.

(b) A public employee rendering services for compensation, or engaging in employment outside the employee's agency, shall report by July 1 of each year the outside services or employment to the employee's designated supervisor. During the year, any change in an employee's outside service or employment activity must be reported to the designated supervisor as it occurs.

(c) The head of a principal executive department of the state may not accept employment for compensation outside the agency that the executive head serves.

Paragraph (c) is what's keeping Palin from cashing in... and that's a lot of cabbage to pass up for keeping a job you don't really like anyway.

It may be no more complicated than that.