Saturday, July 11, 2009

Must Reads

Daniel Klaidman, Newsweek: Independent’s Day - Attorney General Eric Holder may probe Bush-era torture

Matt Taibbi: On The ‘Everyone Was Doing It’ Excuse

Rob Tornoe: Cartoonist Reveals Unedited Michael Jackson Strip

Bill Moyers & Michael Winship: Some Choice Words For "The Select Few"

Sam Stein: Emanuel's Public Plan With Triggers Trial Balloon "Blew Up": Dem Lawmaker

Bob Herbert: The Human Equation

David Michael Green: A Saw The News On Television Today, Oh Boy

Robert Reich: When Will The Recovery Begin? Never.

Armadillo Joe recommends...

Joe Conason: The losers who gave us Sarah Palin

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Fraulein said...

Here's another must-read Frank Rich column: