Sunday, July 12, 2009

Imagine If He Were President?!

What little respect I had for Senator John Sidney McCain III, if any at all, has now vanished.

"On 'Meet The Press' today, he told host David Gregory [Sarah Palin] is qualified to be president.
In fact, he was so spring-loaded to make the point about his former running mate on the Republican presidential ticket, he didn't even allow Gregory to finish his question..."


Wolfe Tone said...

Is it official? Is there is no one left in the GOP who isn't Batshit Crazy™?

NowhereMan said...

When he appeared on the tonite show he named four republicans whom he thought would be good candidates for 2012.Guess whose name he deliberately left out?
On MTP he also also said that he never saw the press attack a candidate&her family so viciously.To bad stretch is so stupid not to remind mcsain no one in the history of politics has been attacked & ridiculed as much as the Clintons.Stretch also failed to point out It was Mcsain who joked why is chelsea Clinton so ugly?Because her father was Janet Reno.