Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lindsey Graham Is A Dick - UPDATED

The highlight of my day while watching the Sotomayor hearings was Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Doucheland) being Mr. Tough Guy and after about 6 hours of answering questions, incredulously asked Judge Sotomayor to repeat her "wise latina" quote because he couldn't find it in his notes to beat her about the head with it. Seriously.

You've had all day, Lindsey. If you want to drag Sotomayor through the mud, that's your prerogative. But don't ask her to help you do it because you're unorganized and misplaced your right wing talking points fax. Dick.

UPDATE (10:35pm): Via Third Branch:
Via Atrios, Craig Crawford describes the political disaster that the GOP has decided to perpetrate upon itself:
Watching Lindsey Graham's gotcha grin as he needled Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor with disingenuous and rhetorical questions you had to wonder what was so funny. Does the Republican senator think it is amusing that he and his party's condescending tone toward the Hispanic woman was costing them ethnic votes with each passing hour of Tuesday's Judiciary Committee hearing?
. . . Even if they vote for her, the fallout for Republicans could reach well beyond Hispanic voters. They are coming across as a bunch of snarky and bitter old white men who cannot bear the thought of their kind losing power.
The only thing that can make it worse for the GOP will be, as I noted earlier, if no Republicans vote for Sotomayor's confirmation. Here's hoping.


Fraulein said...

Ugh. I hate that guy. Graham is one of the many Republicans whose faces I literally can't stand to see on TV -- I have to change the channel when he's on.

Miest said...

As a staunch Republican, I supported Graham with my vote and in conversations with others. But I have become totally disillusioned with him over the Gov Sanford affair and the Supreme Court deal. My conclusion is that he speaks out of both sides of his mouth without speaking. He has demonstrated that he is not a team player by his sudden early backing of the judge choice AND he refuses to take a stand on the investigation of Mark Sanford's absence and use of state monies. I won't vote for Graham ever again.