Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Times Square Tea Party Fail

Imagine my surprise when blocks of 7th Avenue were blocked off for yet another demonstration in Times Square. Iran election? Iraq troop withdrawal? Michael Jackson tribute? No. It was a Tea Party.

Here's a quick pic from my phone.

Maybe about 100 people? Looks like more signs than teabaggers. Here's the rest of the avenue.

Looks like the police had a fairly easy time with crowd control. TEA PARTY FAIL!


Cuzimcool said...

Liar, Your photo was taken at the end of the line. There were about 1000 - 1500 people there in the height of the demonstration. Very disappointing to me, but certainly not the 100 people your claiming it was.

Your a complete liar the protest wasnt even in front of office depot which is your second photo, that was on the next block. If you are going to be critical, at least criticize what really happened.

Fraulein said...

These people haven't given up yet?

Broadway Carl said...

Dear Cuz,

Yes, my first pic was at the end of the line. One blocl long. That's it. With plenty of room to spare. No shoulder to shoulder crowding, that's for sure.

In my second pic, I was pointing out the blocks and blocks of vast emptiness that had been barricaded off... WITH NO ONE THERE. And no, there weren't 1000 - 1500 people there. I work on the block.

There's no need for me to lie about the lack of support for the teabag party. It was plain for all to see. I'd think you'd be happy with a 1000-1500 teabagger turnout. I wonder who the liar is now?

Nice try though.

Matt Osborne said...

"Who are you gonna believe, me or your lyin' eyes?"

My guess is that we'll see a lot more tea parties fail between now and April 15, 2010.

Cuzimcool said...

Some photos of the demonstration.

You liberals are so silly, you dont understand that Obama and Bush have the same boss? Obama and every president since the great depression (and probably before) work the Federal Reserve. They own, and control this country. The "powers that be" or "illuminati" want to bankrupt the country and enslave us.

And you smiley face fascists are just accepting every assinine word Obama parrots out. He is completely correct that he is a celebrity, he is an actor, selling the Illuminati's will to the people. And your buying it. Change.. pfft...

Broadway Carl said...

Dear Cooz,

I'd really take you much more seriously if you teabaggers were protesting when Bush decided to bail out the banks with $700 billion a year before Obama took office.

And I'd also take you a little more seriously if you weren't using "illuminati" conspiracy theories. What's next? The Amero?

I'd also take you a little more seriously if you knew the definition of Fascism. Last I checked, we had a free and fair election... or does that only apply when a Republican wins?

Again, nice try with the link to the photos. It's the same one traffic lane, one block area. But you're right. Maybe it was 200 people instead of my 100 estimate. The people across the street (in front of Champs) weren't protesters, they were bystanders.

Anonymous said...

I think Letterman had more protesters than the teabaggers.I've seen bigger crowds in telephone booths(remember those?)
By the way Cooz,where are your photos showing the alleged 1,000-15oo teabaggers?

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