Sunday, January 3, 2010

Curtis Allina Dies at 87

Who is Curtis Allina, you may ask?  If it wasn't for Mr. Allina, we would never have had Pez™.

NY TIMES: For nearly three decades after World War II, Mr. Allina was the vice president in charge of United States operations at what is now Pez Candy. In 1955, at his urging, what had been an austerely packaged Austrian confection for adults took on vibrant new life as a children’s product.
That year, the first character dispensers, as they are known in the parlance of Peziana, were issued, giving birth to what is today a highly collectible pop-cultural artifact. Instantly recognizable, the dispensers are slim plastic containers, usually anthropomorphic in design, whose heads — modeled after those of TV characters, cartoon figures or historical personages — flip back to disgorge brick-shaped pieces of candy.

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NowhereMan said...

If I only knew back then I would've kept them and sold them on Ebay