Monday, January 4, 2010

Bachmann's Anti-Census Rhetoric May Bite Her In The Ass

This is a fun little tidbit of information.

The state of Minnesota could be on the verge of losing a House seat after 2010 -- and interestingly enough, it's been a while since we heard Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) talk about refusing to participate in the Census.
...according to current population estimates, Minnesota is right on the cusp of losing one of its eight seats in Congress, and will be in a close competition with Missouri, Texas and California for that district.
...Bachmann's district would likely be the first to go if the state lost a seat. The other seats are all fairly regular-shaped, logical districts built around identifiable regions of the state (Minneapolis, St. Paul, the Iron Range, and so on). Bachmann's district is made of what's left over after such a process, twisting and turning from a small strip of the Wisconsin border and curving deep into the middle of the state. As such, the obvious course of action if the state loses a seat is to split her district up among its neighbors.
Oh, wouldn't that be sweet, sweet justice?


willis said...

Losing this idiot as my rep would come real close to justification for blowing off the census.

NowhereMan said...

That would be hysterical and poetic justice at the same time!She would lose her seat because not enough people filled out the census!Priceless!