Friday, January 8, 2010

Lawsuit Pending?

On the northwest corner of 41st Street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan, here's what I spotted on the way home.

Weatherproof did not ask permission to use President Obama's likeness, nor does the White House approve. My guess is that the billboard will be down within a day or two.


Chris Anderson said...

I wouldn't put money on that prediction, BC. The owner of the company is unapologetic and said that the sign is meant to be a celebration of the fact that we have a "stylish" president. Or some such BS.

Broadway Carl said...
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Broadway Carl said...

Yeah, he's gotten the publicity but at the same time, I don't think he's allowed to use the President's likeness, or anyone else for that matter, unless he has permission. Lawsuit? Probably not, but he now has gotten the press he was probably hoping for and should take the billboard down.

(*Corrected from an earlier version.)

Chris Anderson said...


In case you were wondering, after a discussion with the White House lawyers the ad will be taken down, according to an article I just saw in the ABA journal: