Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Saturation?

Being that Sarah Palin is in the news every day, I recently began to wonder whether her white hot "star quality" would burn out relatively quickly and people would just begin to tire of her folksy, uneducated ways, especially with the news of her Discovery Channel pitch for a show featuring Alaska. Sarah Palin's Alaska. You know, the one filled with oil derricks and tarred otters, skies filled with hunter loaded airplanes shooting wolves, and a tour of her home town meth labs.

Well now it looks like there's a possibility that Sarah saturation may be taking place. The ad buyers sales conference for Discovery didn't go too well after the Palin show was promoted to prospective buyers. "No one took it seriously" and "an all time low for Discovery" are just a couple of quotes that jump out.

From a no-name half term governor of a state whose population is that of ten square blocks of Manhattan, prematurely thrust into the spotlight as a candidate to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, to 24/7 Palin with book tours that were ghostwritten for her, Tea Party Express tours in which she praises the movement but still stumps for the establishment, Fox News misinformed commentary and analysis complete with fake interviews, and now a soon to be failed Discovery Channel "reality" show, Sarah Palin is raking in the money, burning hot and burning out fast... well, at least we can hope it'll be fast.

(H/T GottaLaff)

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Virtual Kevin said...

Even in an amazing line up like Discovery puts up, including LIFE, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch and How It's Made... even they could probably use some cheap filler in the 3am to 4am time slot! How much could a Palin show cost?

Now that she has distanced herself from a real political office and is clearly a GOP wingnut for hire, she is willing to prostitute herself for any amount of pseudo publicity!

Of course I would certainly rather watch re-runs of 2003 Shark Week, but watching Sarah Palin pretends she knows anything about the real world might be entertaining after 6 or 7 glasses of cheap wine.

At the very least "Ghost Lab" might be able to raise a career for her...