Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Protesters

Because the Tea Party is all about being "taxed to death."

Photos by Ana Marie Cox

UPDATE (7:30pm): I just finished watching a Chris Matthews interview with a couple of well spoken Tea Party representatives, but the main problem with their stance was that they were unwilling to admit that there was even a fringe element of their group that thought violence against the government was appropriate (24% according to a new New York Times poll) and only 41% believe President Obama is an American. They ask where the documentation is but refuse to call themselves Birthers. As long as they dismiss polls and refuse to acknowledge the dangerous elements in their midst, they will not be taken seriously.


Virtual Kevin said...

The tea party is just a gathering point for the Righter Wing Nut jobs. They must have an open door policy:

Send us your Rich, over educated, Disgruntled White Repubs, Racists, Homophobic and Retirees that have nothing better to do, while the rest of us work hard for a living.

How about we cut off the "social" programs that keep them safe. No more Fire Department, Police Department, Federal Road and Highway Repair and Medicare /caide...

Let that all get sorted out by Free Markets! HA!! I am sure they will make it so much better.

So far all that Smaller Government ever helped was Big Business!

NowhereMan said...

Bottom line is most of these people can't stand the fact that a Black man is president and will cling to any lie perpetrated by Rush,Beck,Limbaugh as a reason for"wanting my country back".They are so angry and delusional that they believe anything coming out of Fox to validate their hatred.The facts be damned!