Saturday, July 31, 2010

Must Reads

Michael Winship: The Right Manipulates Muslims – and Boy Scouts

Media Matters: Conservative Media Oblivious to Major Increase in Border Enforcement

Digby: Confederate Rump Strategy

driftglass: Tough Break for Handjob

Armadillo Joe recommends...

Capt. Fogg: Muslims Hate Dogs

Anthony Bourdain: The Original (Goodbye Splendor)

Chez Pazienza: Laugh'a While You Can, Monkeyboy

Ian Welsh: Netroots Schizo

Justin Elliott: FBI Releases 400-page Howard Zinn File

David Sirota: The Deception of Real-World "Inception"

Jon Walker: Conservatives Promote Feasting on a Dairy Cow

Taegen Goddard's Political Dictionary: Snollygoster

And an oldie but a goodie...
Steve Gilliard: About Yesterday

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