Sunday, July 25, 2010

White House of Cards


"Talk show hosts and conservative commentators built entire careers making bogus claims of racism while dismissing legitimate discussions of racial injustice and inequality as mere political correctness or reverse racism."
~ President Obama in his famous speech on race.
Democrats can't play the race card because the right-wing holds the entire deck.

Rachel Maddow and Jonathan Alter had a great discussion about how the White House should handle the right-wing smears and I like what Rachel said but I agree with Jonathan Alter. Rachel said that the Obama campaign stopped the madness with a website. She used birthers as an example. Yet, the birthers still exist. Bills are introduced and passed because of birthers and the chaos they create. Birthers are running for office. So, no, Rachel, a website didn't put that to rest. And neither have you or Keith Olbermann or anyone else who takes on the right on a consistent basis. No one has found the solution. So frankly, getting mad at Obama for not having found it yet is a little passive.

I have yet to hear a good way to fight the smears for good without actually increasing them. The President of the United States has a lot of battles to choose from. Picking battles is a necessity. Should HE be the one picking this one or should we? We hate the crap. We need to fight it. I just haven't figured out how!

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