Friday, September 24, 2010

Fields of Comedy Gold

Posted by JHW22

They say comedy is only good when it's true. That is why Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are considered to be, by many, a valid source of information. Not only are the hilarious, but they are honest. They present situations in the most basic, unshielded sense of reality they can manage. They make us laugh as they make us think.

Today, Stephen Colbert testified before Congress in regards to migrant field workers, after he volunteered for one day picking beans and corn. He was one of fewer than 20 Americans who signed up for the "Take Our Jobs" public awareness campaign to walk a mile in a migrant farmer's shoes.

His testimony was "in character" and as funny as his show during the opening statements and bits throughout the Q & A session but the moments that were most powerful were when Stephen Colbert, the person, made eloquent, sensible and humane statements about how we treat people doing the hardest work.

The complete hearing is over two hours and is valuable but if you only have time for recaps, The Raw Story has done a good job.

Editor's Note:

Thanks, Jennifer for posting this. I watched part of the hearings live and while most of the coverage was about Colbert's opening statement or the fauxrage about making the hearings a mockery (while the GOP invited Sesame Street's Elmo to testify a while back), very few, if anyone, actually commented on the substance of the hearings - not only about what Stephen Colbert said, but the other invited panelists as well.
And this, of course was my favorite moment, not because I am a religious person, but because of the hypocrisy of those who hide behind The Bible when it suits them:

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NowhereMan said...

I saw it and of course instead of talking about his testimony on it's merrits ,the Republicans chose instead to trash the appearance of a comedian at a congressional hearing.I don't understand why they would be so upset since most of their elected party consists of a bunch of clowns