Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Compromise

The next time some asshole conservative cries and whines that President Obama promised bipartisanship but hasn't delivered, don't explain to them that the GOP had a seat at the table and acted like children. Don't explain to them that 65 Republican amendments made the Health Care Reform bill they decided to vote against anyway. Don't explain to them that they continue to take credit for the stimulus money their districts received even though they voted against the stimulus.

Just show them this:

Then punch them in the throat.

(H/T Bob Cesca)

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JUDI M. said...

And did you read Boehner's speech where he said that WHEN they take over after this election period, the Repubs would NOT COMPROMISE with the opposing party. What a bunch of hypocritical hacks. The next 2 years should prover QUITE interesting......