Monday, October 25, 2010

The World Is Watching

Yesterday, I recommended Frank Rich's latest column on my Facebook page. While pointing out that the Obama administration has not gotten the credit it deserves for its accomplishments, Rich also makes a case for the lack of enthusiasm the administration has had for pursuing the Wall Street crooks who almost collapsed the global economy, or lack of cohesive White House messaging to the point of being blamed for the bank bailouts even though they happened before Obama took office. We also know the difficulty they've had in touting their accomplishments, or at least touting so that people will listen.

Well a friend of mine, a native German currently living in Munich, read the Rich piece and sent me a message:

I'm hoping so badly for your country that the voters will keep their faith and their hope in real change as they did when they initially voted for Obama. I can only assure everyone that the outside reputation of your nation has improved by several hundred percent. Don't throw all that away! President Obama said from the start that it wouldn't be an easy task and he was right, wasn't he? Note that real chang takes time. Please be faithful and more patient. And know that many, many other nations (including mine) would be more than glad to have a leadership that works so hard for the benefit of its people instead of corporate and private interests.

Thank, Al, for helping us keep perspective. I hope that that mindset pervades the voters who are thinking of staying home on November 2nd, because they've lost that overall viewpoint.


veralynn said...

Thank you Al.

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