Friday, October 29, 2010

Voter Intimidation at Micky D's

Why does this shit always happen in Ohio? Why are they always the troubled state when it comes to elections?

The owner of a franchise in Canton, Ohio enclosed a handbill in employees' paychecks that threatened lower wages and benefits if Republicans don't win on Tuesday...
..."The handbill endorses candidates who have in essence pledged to roll back the minimum wage and eviscerate the safety net that protects the most vulnerable members of our workforce," said Attorney Allen Schulman of Canton law firm Schulman Zimmerman & Associates, which received the documents from an employer who stepped forward. "But it's more than that. When a corporation like McDonald's intimidates its employees into voting a specific way, it violates both state and federal election law..."
The owner of the McDonald's franchise, Paul Siegfried, called it "an error in judgment" and apologized to "those that I have offended...". It's not about offending anyone, douchebag, it's about breaking the law.

Don't expect the wingnuts to go crazy over this.  They're too worried about the ACORN scam du jour even though they've been out of business since April after being framed by Breitbart and accomplices. Registering voters is evil, but intimidating minimum wage workers will go unnoticed in their bizarro world.

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