Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Health Care Reform Works


Three years ago we paid $230/month for my son and my private health insurance plan. Today we pay $411/month. When I signed up for the plan, I put money aside each month to save for the deductible. We paid out-of-pocket for each appointment. In two years we have spent nearly $10,000 in premiums and appointments. The insurance company has covered $600 in covered immunizations (which I imagine they are subsidized for in some way). Me = $10,000. Them = $600. I haven't been able to save toward the deductible in two years.

This morning my son was diagnosed with the all-too-common -- and COMPLETELY surprising to us -- peanut allergy.

This afternoon I called my insurance company to see about changing plans to one that makes more sense and is more affordable. I can lower my monthly costs by raising my deductible and going to a co-pay plan. But because we are existing customers they don't have to cover preventive care.

So, using the handy government health reform site, I was able to compare companies and plans and I am about to embark on the tedious application for new insurance at a new company where I WILL get preventative for my son and me and where my son's allergy can't be excluded from his care.

We will save almost $400 in preventative appointment costs alone. We will save more going to a co-pay plan and raising the deductible. Now I will actually be able to save money for the deductible again.

So I wanted to say, thank you to President Obama, the Democrats in Congress and all the Democrats who encouraged progress. We didn't get everything but we got enough to make this mom feel better about tomorrow.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As JHW22 pointed out on her Facebook page, there's also this:


jhw22 said...

Thanks for the assist, Carl. My brain is a bit scattered today.


vic c said...

Good news! :)

maymay said...

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