Friday, November 26, 2010

Luke, I am not a Republican


Tonight I saw a list of actors and actresses who are "Republicans" and it bothered me that this was based on speculation and the word "registered" as proof of how someone votes or falls on the ideological spectrum. I have no clue how the list was compiled or how accurate it is. But I know that my father-in-law registered as a Republican when he first registered to vote, decades ago. But he is a Democrat. He votes for Democrats, supports Democratic policies. So what someone is "registered" as is irrelevant.

But one name on the list really had me curious so I started Googling. I just couldn't grasp that a man so intelligent and wise and human would actually be a Republican. Yes, there are smart Republicans but it didn't make sense to me that the man who says "baseball" better than any human to ever speak the word, the man who voiced the father who fell to the depths of evil only to be redeemed, the man who played Jack Ryan's mentor, in no way could that man be a Republican.

I am convinced he is not. I am convinced that the man who can speak Shakespeare or three simple letters: C-N-N,and melt my soul either time is a Democrat like me. A Democrat who sees Obama as not a miracle worker, but as a representation of what each American can be. The type of Democrat who knows progress is only as fast and strong as the people who help the president move it along.

"Can we be a transformative populace, is the question."

Jame Earl Jones
It's an excellent question, Mr. Jones. One I try to be. One I fear we keep ourselves from being all too often.

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