Friday, December 17, 2010

Actual Journalism... By a Comedian

ADDING... I love that Stewart called out guest Mike Huckabee on his bullshit when he at first tried to say that the Democrats shouldn't have added this legislation in with another bill (they didn't - it's a stand-alone bill) and then tried to sell the idea that the Democrats were politicizing the bill (they didn't - although they should have by pointing out that the G-9/11-O-9/11-P co-opts September 11th any chance they get). Watch the Huckabee interview here.

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jhw22 said...

I didn't even need to wait for the video image to load before I knew what you posted.

My husband and I watched the entire show last night with our jaws dropped. The segment with the first responders was dramatic in a non-drama sort of way. They really made an impact and we could feel their anger despite their calm composure. Then the segment with Huckabee demonstrated why that man should not be President of the United States. What an asshat.