Monday, February 21, 2011

D & C


I won't link to an offensive speech on the House floor last week, where a man decided he knew what was in a woman's heart and ranted and raved about abortion -- speaking for women, about women and to women. I won't link to it because he was wrong, cruel and arrogant.

So it took a woman to speak out and call his speech what it was -- insulting. Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) was eloquent and honest in discussing her personal story as a woman who HAS had to make a decision and choose a traumatic procedure that the man had no place in discussing.

But the woman I most want to hear from on this issue, wrote this in her book:

At the beginning of my second trimester, I went in for my monthly exam.
The doctor said, “There’s nothing alive in there”.
She went on to explain that I could go home and let "it" pass naturally. Or I could have a D & C.
When the doctor’s bill arrived in our mailbox, it came with a typo. In the box describing the procedure, someone had typed "Abortion.” Instead of starting over with a fresh form, they painted it over with a thin layer of White-Out, and retyped, "Miscarriage." For some reason it just felt like salt in the wound.
The woman who wrote about the pain of the same procedure Ms. Speier passionately conveyed in her speech should speak out and stand with a woman who shares her experience -- despite their party differences.

Sarah Palin, where are you? The word abortion was salt in the wounds of your D & C. So why aren't you defending other women who suffer the same grief?

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