Friday, February 25, 2011

He's Not Al Sharpton

If politicians actually did everything they said they'd do while on the campaign trail, the world would be a better place. But we live in reality, don't we? If someone running for president says he'd don "comfortable shoes and walk a picket line" in support of workers and unions, and then actually won the office, would you seriously expect him to do it if it came to pass?

But that's exactly what has happened and now there are pundits who are wondering if President Obama is going to Wisconsin to walk with the protesters. He's already said everyone has to tighten their belts and knows that the Wisconsin labor unions have conceded the financial point and are willing to acquiesce to Governor Walker except when it comes to giving up their collective bargaining rights, but it seems like "an assault on unions."

But, come on, guys, seriously? Walk the picket lines? He's the fucking President of the United States, not Al Sharpton!


jhw22 said...

I heard Jim Hoffa and Lawrence O'D ranting about this. Hoffa said something that implied that Obama has talked about Libya but not WI while at the same time saying the Pres HAS talked about WI.

I turned the channel. I can't handle people who can't grasp that there are 150,000 issues and they can't all be number one. I think some people also underestimate the problems that could arise if the Pres stepped into a state battle -- the distraction the right would create out of that would get us nowhere. Sometimes the best thing Obama can do is NOT make himself the focus in the debate.



NowhereMan said...

If the unions lose in Ohio,its not hyperbole to say that it will lead to a domino affect on unions in both the public and private sector.Employers both from both sectors will be emboldened like they were after Reagen fired PATCO.
After that happened you saw more and more employers hire scabs to kill the unions.You even saw it in the NFL!
Should Obama go down to Wiscoson and march with the unions?no but don't make promises you shouldn't keep.He should at least make a speech about the important history of unions and how they helped to create the middle class.Unfortunately,Reagen's eduction secretary Bill Bennet did away with civics classes so we have a lot of people in the country who don't know crap about unions history or why they were created and how they had to defend themselves from scumbags like Scott walker.
Bottom line,Obama wouldn't have been elected without their help.He owes them more than an obvious observation about the Wisconsin governor.Unions support democrats for office.If they die or continue to lose relevancy,your going to get a more center right democrats who will bow to their corporate masters just like the republicans do.